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Welcome to Longmont

The frigid temperatures have settled in causing the people of Longmont to grab their winter coats and gloves as they brave the snow, sleet,  and rain. Is it January? February? At this point who knows! All we know is it is COLD! But not to worry friends! Longmont is home to many lively coffee spots and we've listed out all of our favorites. 

Right around the corner from Vivo Living Longmont is a cozy coffee corner serving up scrumptious pastries, coffees, and tea. Our favorite from this convenient coffee spot, Ozo Coffee, is a steaming hot Lavender Latte with Oatmilk. Need gluten free pastries? Look no further! A tasty gluten free muffin is the perfect companion for your toasty beverage. 

Another perfectly placed coffee joint is Red Frog Coffee, just a hop, skip, and a jump from Vivo Living Longmont. Check out this laid back location that not only serves up organic coffee but local craft beer and light fare. Sure to lift your spirits and warm your toes. 

Last, but certainly not least, we like to get our caffeine fix from the oldest cafe in Longmont, Java Stop. This family owned location is serving up delicious coffees, teas, and breakfast food (all of our favorites!) Stop by and say hello and tell them Vivo Living Longmont sent you!

Stay tuned for more buzz worthy updates! And don't forget to bundle up! 

Your friends at Vivo Living Longmont. 

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